Data Comparisons

Compare data between two SQL database tables quickly & easily. Beta
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Data Comparisons is an open source project brought to you by BucketSoft.


Data Comparisons was designed to be a simple tool that allows you to compare two SQL database tables of like schemas. It'll find any and all differences between the two tables you're comparing and display them in an easy to understand color-coded grid.

Open our video demonstration to see Data Comparisons Express in action before you download.


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Designed in Microsoft's new WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), Data Comparisons utilizes features such as video card accelerated graphics processing and UI virtualization. The benefit of these technologies coming together is a more flexible and responsive user interface than conventional Windows applications as well as the ability to handle very large result sets without running into GDI object limitations.

In addition to this, multi-threading is leveraged carefully to allow the user to cancel any action that could potentially take a long time to execute. This includes attempting to connect to an unresponsive server, as well as retrieving large amounts of data.