Nov 2010

SmugMug Viewer for Windows Phone 7

by Steve Wortham

SmugMug Viewer

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I love SmugMug. In my opinion they have the best online photo gallery site in the business. One of the things that sets them apart is their beautiful UI which properly adapts to your screen resolution. As a result, it's faster and more intuitive to browse through your pictures on their site than any other.

So I wanted to bring those same qualities to this app. One of the bigger challenges with a phone is its relatively slow connection speeds. And I designed the app to minimize bandwidth and wait times by downloading the proper resolution images at the proper times. When you choose a gallery, you'll see tiny thumbnails appear. When you click a thumbnail, the thumbnail image itself blows up to fill the screen, while a higher res image is being downloaded to replace it. You can also pinch to zoom in on a picture, or flick it left or right to go to the previous or next picture. All of these images are also cached on the phone so once downloaded they are quick to review.

I just received my first review...
SUHASMD (3 out of 5 stars)
Would love to see how this app evolves, like the ability to login, to include uploading pictures from a gallery on the phone or directly from the camera to SmugMug. Would love a thumbnail view of the galleries or the ability to sort galleries by date with a default for recently updated at the top.
Excellent feedback. I like the idea for the default sort order. I would like to add a thumbnail next to each gallery, but because of the amount of data required to do this I'm afraid it'll slow the initial loading time too much. But I definitely want the ability to upload pictures. I'll get to work.