May 2011

Following My Dream : A New Life in Colorado

by Steve Wortham
I've had a dream for years to create my own software company and start a new life in Colorado. Of course I founded BucketSoft back in 2009. But today I'm proud to say I'm living at 6,500 feet. I moved into my new apartment in Colorado Springs on April 11th.

The apartment is in southwest Colorado Springs near Cheyenne Mountain (home of NORAD). It's a truly beautiful part of the city, and I think I'll be happy here.

I've taken a few pictures around the general area...

This deer was just kickin' it behind my apartment.

The nearby mountains.

This is on the way to a park a couple miles away.

I just like this picture.

Overlooking Colorado Springs from Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

As I've said before, Colorado Springs strikes a nice balance. It's beautiful, but it's not too expensive or too remote. I mean, I have every modern convenience up here including a smoking fast internet connection. Of course it'd be nice if there was an even stronger technology presence here. Most of the big technology companies, conferences, and such are going to be in Denver or Boulder. Nevertheless, it's a pretty cool spot.