Mar 2011

Finally Moving to Colorado this April

by Steve Wortham
I've been talking about it a long time.  Now I'm making the move for real.  I'll be moving into a new apartment in Colorado Springs on April 11th.  It's on the west side of the city near the mountains.

Why Colorado Springs?
  1. The mountains.  I love mountain biking, or hiking to the top of a mountain, or any kind of activity near mountains, really.  I think the Pikes Peak Hill Climb might be fun to watch.  And although I'll be in desperate need of lessons, I want to try snowboarding too.
  2. The weather.  Some don't think they'd like Colorado because they don't like the cold.  In reality, it's not that bad.  On average it's about 20 degrees cooler year round in Colorado Springs than here in Dallas.  But because the air is so dry up there, the cold doesn't bite into you like you might expect.  And then the payoff of course are the mild summers with highs in the 70s and 80s.
  3. My allergies, or lack thereof.  Dallas has always been bad for my allergies.  But I've been to Colorado 6 times and I always spend a lot of time outside.  Even still, my allergies barely affect me up there.
  4. It's a beautiful place without being too expensive, or too remote.  That's a delicate balance, but it's what makes it the right place for me.