Dec 2010

100% BucketSoft

by Steve Wortham
I'm now on my own and for the past 2.5 months I've been working on BucketSoft products full time. After years of working for various small companies this is certainly a big change. I no longer set my alarm clock. I write code when I'm inspired. And I only pursue what I'm interested in.

As of late I've been putting my hours into 3 areas:
  1. Apps for Windows Phone 7
  2. Regex Hero improvements
  3. And a slightly modified version of my idea (it will have a different domain name)
That last one is something I've spent a lot of time on.  I won't be sharing many details just yet.  It's been a little more involved than some of my other projects not just technically but logistically. It is coming along nicely though. I'm particularly proud of the search engine and the product feedback functionality. I wish I could say more but I should be ready to launch by this coming February.